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Faculty & Staff


Steven Aguiló-Arbues Vocal Coach email only
Denise Favela Apodaca Piano Proficiency Coordinator, Music Appreciation e-mail only
Joel Bacon Organ and Liturgical Studies (970) 491-2431
Tiffany Blake Oliver Soprano, Coordinator of Voice, Director of Ralph Opera Center email only
Angela Mace Christian Music History, UCA 301B (970) 491-4133
Bryan Christian Music Theory email only
Stuart Dameron
James David Composition and Music Theory email only
Stephen Dombrowski Tuba 303-922-6108
Rachel Ellins Harp (970) 222-8700
Copper Ferreira Music Theory, Ensemble Coordinator (970) 491-1584
Wesley Ferreira Clarinet (970) 491-5570
Ronald Francois Violin and Chamber Music (970) 491-3160
Richard Frey Associate Director of Bands (970) 491-5973
Dawn Grapes Music History (970) 491-4134
Forest Greenough Double Bass, Music Theory email only
Susan Hochmiller Marx Voice email only
Eric Hollenbeck Director of Percussion Studies (970) 491-4054
Bonnie Jacobi Music Education Area Coordinator, Colorado Kodály Institute (970) 491-3106
Erik Johnson Music Education, Secondary Instrumental email only
Sarah Johnson Music Therapy email only
Wes Kenney Director of Orchestras (970) 491-6912
Gary Kenyon Center for Biomedical Research in Music (970) 491-2431
James Kim Director of Choral Activities (970) 491-6515
Andrew Knight Music Therapy UCA 305A
Blythe LaGasse Music Therapy (970) 491-4042
Janet Landreth Coordinator of Keyboard Studies (970) 491-6880
Steven Marx Coordinator of Brass, Trumpet (970) 491-3703
John McGuire Horn, Music Appreciation, Brass Techniques (970) 491-8515
Steve McNeal Music Education, Secondary Instrumental-Orchestra (970) 491-3178
Paul Metz Music Theory, Director of Undergraduate Studies (970) 491-5896
Margaret Miller Viola, Chamber Music email only
Gary Moody Oboe and Bassoon, Music Theory (970) 214-2249
G. Murray Oliver Director of Academic Operations (970) 491-5193
Ryan Olsen Music Education, Choral Emphasis (970) 491-3504
Rebecca Phillips Director of Bands, Room 212 UCA (970) 491-3119
Peter Sommer Director of Jazz Bands, Jazz Studies Coordinator, Saxophone email only
Michelle Stanley Flute, LEAP (970) 491-2509
Leslie Stewart Violin, Director of Master of Music, Music Education—Conducting Specialization (970) 219-5985
Shilo Stroman Percussion, Marching Band Drumline (970) 491-4054
Janelle Sutton Costume Shop (970) 491-6135
Wil Swindler Associate Director of Jazz Bands, Jazz Studies, Saxophone email only
John Süßholz Head of Vocal Pedagogy and Voice Area Recruitment
Corene Thaut Music Therapy, CBRM Research Associate (970) 491-2636
Michael Thaut Music Therapy, Director of CBRM (970) 491-7384
Barbara Thiem Cello, Chamber Music (970) 491-3276
Adam A Torres Online Curriculum (970) 491-5529
Christopher Van Hof Trombone, Euphonium (970) 491-6224
Nicole Wilshusen Music Therapy email only


Yue Wu Clark C110C 9709804720


Heather Bellotti Office Manager, Music, Theatre and Dance, UCA 120C (970) 491-5533
Dan Butcher Audio Engineer, UCA 212 email only
Carrie Care Publicity, Alumni & Donor Relations, Friends of the UCA, UCA 112A (970) 491-5891
Jennifer Clary Marketing Director, UCA 112C (970) 491-3603
Sheryl Highsmith Budget Director, UCA 120G (970) 491-3239
Heather James University Center for the Arts (970) 491-3117
Andrew Killion UCA Annex
Tom Krebs Director of Recruiting and Scholarships, UCA 120E (970) 491-2675
Peter Muller Venue and Events Manager, UCA 112 (970) 491-5481
Sandra Sanchez School of Music, Theatre & Dance, UCA 120 (970) 491-5529
Mike Solo Publicity Coordinator, UCA 112 970-491-5293
Jessica Whitehead UCA Annex 970-471-4487

Department of Music, Theatre, and Dance Emeritus Faculty

Gregory Bueche, 1938 – 1968
Head of the Department of Music; Director of Bands

Wendel Diebel, 1948 – 1974
Coordinator of Piano Area: Professor of Piano

Edward Anderson, 1948 – 1982
Director of Choral Activities

Robert Garrettson, 1968 – 1985
Chair of the Department of Music, Theatre, and Dance, Professor of Piano

John Parsons, 1964 – 1994
Professor of Music Theory and Music History

Stephen Busch, 1962 – 1997
Coordinator of Music Education

Otto Werner, 1961 – 1998
Chair of the Department of Music, Theatre, and Dance, Director of Bands

Porter Woods, 1970 – 1998
Professor of Theatre

Robert Braddy, 1968 – 1999
Professor of Theatre

Robert Cavarra, 1963 – 2000
Professor of Organ

Wil Schwartz, 1949 – 2002
Director of Orchestras

Lee Egbert, 1987 – 2004
Director of Choral Activities

John Lueck, 1976 – 2004
Coordinator of Voice Area; Associate Professor of Voice

William Runyan, 1973 – 2004
Professor of Music

Morris Burns, 1970 – 2005
Professor of Theatre

James McCray, 1978 – 2005
Chair of the Department of Music, Theatre, and Dance; Professor of Music Education, Music History, and Composition; Choral Conductor

Robert Nisbett, 1965 – 2005
Chair of the Department of Music, Theatre, and Dance; Professor of Music History

Janet Morrow King, 1985 – 2009
Coordinator of Voice Area; Associate Professor of Voice

David Shaner, 1985 – 2009
Associate Professor of Trumpet