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Faculty & Staff


Steven Aguiló-Arbues Vocal Coach email only
Denise Favela Apodaca Piano Proficiency Coordinator, Music Appreciation e-mail only
Joel Bacon Organ and Liturgical Studies (970) 491-2431
Tiffany Blake Oliver Soprano, Coordinator of Voice, Director of Ralph Opera Center email only
Angela Mace Christian Music History, UCA 301B (970) 491-4133
Bryan Christian Music Theory email only
Stuart Dameron
James David Composition and Music Theory email only
Stephen Dombrowski Tuba 303-922-6108
Rachel Ellins Harp (970) 222-8700
Copper Ferreira Music Theory, Ensemble Coordinator (970) 491-1584
Wesley Ferreira Clarinet (970) 491-5570
Ronald Francois Violin and Chamber Music (970) 491-3160
Richard Frey Associate Director of Bands (970) 491-5973
Dawn Grapes Music History (970) 491-4134
Forest Greenough Double Bass, Music Theory email only
Susan Hochmiller Marx Voice email only
Eric Hollenbeck Percussion (970) 491-4054
Bonnie Jacobi Music Education, Colorado Kodály Institute (970) 491-3106
Erik Johnson Music Education, Secondary Instrumental email only
Sarah Johnson Music Therapy email only
Wes Kenney Director of Orchestras (970) 491-6912
Gary Kenyon Center for Biomedical Research in Music (970) 491-2431
James Kim Director of Choral Activities (970) 491-6515
Andrew Knight Music Therapy UCA 305A
Blythe LaGasse Music Therapy (970) 491-4042
Janet Landreth Coordinator of Keyboard Studies (970) 491-6880
Steven Marx Trumpet (970) 491-3703
John McGuire Horn, Music Appreciation, Brass Techniques (970) 491-8515
Steve McNeal Music Education, String Techniques (970) 491-3178
Paul Metz Music Theory, Director of Undergraduate Studies (970) 491-5896
Margaret Miller Viola, Chamber Music email only
Gary Moody Oboe and Bassoon, Music Theory (970) 214-2249
G. Murray Oliver Director of Graduate Studies (970) 491-5193
Ryan Olsen Music Education, Choral Emphasis (970) 491-3504
Rebecca Phillips Director of Bands, Room 212 UCA (970) 491-3119
John Seesholtz Voice
Peter Sommer Director of Jazz Bands, Jazz Studies Coordinator, Saxophone email only
Michelle Stanley Flute, LEAP (970) 491-2509
Leslie Stewart Violin, Director of Master of Music, Music Education—Conducting Specialization (970) 219-5985
Shilo Stroman Percussion, Marching Band Drumline (970) 491-4054
Wil Swindler Associate Director of Jazz Bands, Jazz Studies, Saxophone email only
Corene Thaut Music Therapy, CBRM Research Associate (970) 491-2636
Michael Thaut Music Therapy, Director of CBRM (970) 491-7384
Barbara Thiem Cello, Chamber Music (970) 491-3276
Adam A Torres Online Curriculum (970) 491-5529
Christopher Van Hof Trombone, Euphonium (970) 491-6224
Nicole Wilshusen Graduate Coordinator of Music Therapy email only


Yue Wu Clark C110C 9709804720


Heather Bellotti Office Manager, Music, Theatre and Dance, UCA 120C (970) 491-5533
Dan Butcher Audio Engineer, UCA 212 email only
Carrie Care Publicity, Alumni & Donor Relations, Friends of the UCA, UCA 112A (970) 491-5891
Jennifer Clary Marketing Director, UCA 112C (970) 491-3603
Sheryl Highsmith Budget Director, UCA 120G (970) 491-3239
Heather James University Center for the Arts (970) 491-3117
Andrew Killion UCA Annex
Tom Krebs Director of Recruiting and Scholarships, UCA 120E (970) 491-2675
Peter Muller Venue and Events Manager, UCA 112 (970) 491-5481
Sandra Sanchez School of Music, Theatre & Dance, UCA 120 (970) 491-5529
Mike Solo Publicity Coordinator, UCA 112 970-491-5293
Jessica Whitehead UCA Annex 970-471-4487

Department of Music, Theatre, and Dance Emeritus Faculty

Gregory Bueche, 1938 – 1968
Head of the Department of Music; Director of Bands

Wendel Diebel, 1948 – 1974
Coordinator of Piano Area: Professor of Piano

Edward Anderson, 1948 – 1982
Director of Choral Activities

Robert Garrettson, 1968 – 1985
Chair of the Department of Music, Theatre, and Dance, Professor of Piano

John Parsons, 1964 – 1994
Professor of Music Theory and Music History

Stephen Busch, 1962 – 1997
Coordinator of Music Education

Otto Werner, 1961 – 1998
Chair of the Department of Music, Theatre, and Dance, Director of Bands

Porter Woods, 1970 – 1998
Professor of Theatre

Robert Braddy, 1968 – 1999
Professor of Theatre

Robert Cavarra, 1963 – 2000
Professor of Organ

Wil Schwartz, 1949 – 2002
Director of Orchestras

Lee Egbert, 1987 – 2004
Director of Choral Activities

John Lueck, 1976 – 2004
Coordinator of Voice Area; Associate Professor of Voice

William Runyan, 1973 – 2004
Professor of Music

Morris Burns, 1970 – 2005
Professor of Theatre

James McCray, 1978 – 2005
Chair of the Department of Music, Theatre, and Dance; Professor of Music Education, Music History, and Composition; Choral Conductor

Robert Nisbett, 1965 – 2005
Chair of the Department of Music, Theatre, and Dance; Professor of Music History

Janet Morrow King, 1985 – 2009
Coordinator of Voice Area; Associate Professor of Voice

David Shaner, 1985 – 2009
Associate Professor of Trumpet